July Roundup

The list for July: Decide name and personality of the female protagonist Visit Kew Gardens Learn to use audacity 1. I've had an idea in my head for a while regarding a short story. I have a rough plan worked out for flow of the story and what needs to happen where but I've not... Continue Reading →

Why are you writing?

I recently read a bit of a depressing article (linked below), which gives a sad overview of the amount authors are paid - essentially its not a lot. Its significantly below the recommended minimum wage and only seems to be decreasing. Publishers pay writers pittance Now there is a lot of things that could be... Continue Reading →

Sounds to Write to

Everyone has a different mindset or space that they like to get into when writing, and music / sounds are a big part of that. There have been several scientific studies into music and productivity, the article linked below is a good read and provides a nice overview of research conducted. The science backed ways... Continue Reading →

It starts with an Idea

I think ideas are the most fun thing about writing - the spark, the moment when something 'pings' in your head. Whether it be random ideas that seem to spring out of nowhere or something that finally clicks into place after a long slog. A lot of articles I have read have stated that you... Continue Reading →

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