Helpful habits for writing

I have come to the conclusion that writing is ...hard. I find it hard to be consistent with writing. I also find it hard to focus on writing and tend to procrastinate however, this did lead me to do a fair bit of googling on 'good writing habits' or 'helpful tips' that other authors or... Continue Reading →

Writing, Stories, Plots: Games

Initially I wasn't going to discuss games on here and then I thought why not? There are so many games that have excellent writing. I think sometimes they get overlooked because of what they are. But there are some fantastic storylines in games and you can get as caught up in a game as you can... Continue Reading →


I had a surprise introduction to romance novels, (it was not romantic it was black lace) when I was a young teenager. I was visiting my nan in Oxford when a friend of hers dropped over a bag of old books for her to take to the charity shop. I was given first dips on... Continue Reading →

Why are you writing?

I recently read a bit of a depressing article (linked below), which gives a sad overview of the amount authors are paid - essentially its not a lot. Its significantly below the recommended minimum wage and only seems to be decreasing. Publishers pay writers pittance Now there is a lot of things that could be... Continue Reading →

Sounds to Write to

Everyone has a different mindset or space that they like to get into when writing, and music / sounds are a big part of that. There have been several scientific studies into music and productivity, the article linked below is a good read and provides a nice overview of research conducted. The science backed ways... Continue Reading →

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