September Roundup

Go on holiday Set up a Facebook page Hot Chocolate I hadn't been away for more than a long weekend for quite a while. Having a week away was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed long lay ins and lots of meandering around the city. Milan is a beautiful place, the architecture was amazing. The... Continue Reading →

August Roundup

The list for August: 1. Set myself up on Pinterest 2. Visit Brighton 3. Make more time for reading I wanted to sort out pinterest - not only because its a great to look at pretty things (oh my gosh the pretty things). I use it for ideas for writing, character ideas or world building... Continue Reading →

July Roundup

The list for July: Decide name and personality of the female protagonist Visit Kew Gardens Learn to use audacity 1. I've had an idea in my head for a while regarding a short story. I have a rough plan worked out for flow of the story and what needs to happen where but I've not... Continue Reading →

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