Blog Posts that have piqued my Interest

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I’ve been having some internet issues which have made blogging a bit difficult (although I’m not going to lie its been quite freeing being kinda off grid for a while, I’ve read so much!).

When I have had the internet I’ve been playing on social media and also catching up on other peoples blog posts.

So I thought as an interim measure I would do a short sweet post showcasing some of the blog posts that I’ve enjoyed reading.


1.Meg Dowell – Can writing make you a better person?

An interesting post relating to how writing makes you think about what motivates people to change and the fact that writers spend so much time thinking about people they should understand humans better.

terrible minds (2)

2.Terrible minds – World Mental Health Day

I am a huge fan of this blog and I always find something to enjoy here. This post is about how writers block may not always be writers block and to look after yourself.


clangeek – Spooky Games for Dark Nights

Obviously this is the perfect time of year for spooky gaming and this post highlights some excellent choices (I may be a little biased I have posted about one of these games previously here!)

2.The Busy Gamers – Narrative in Gaming 

A great post about narrative and why story-centric games work.

Other?! (Lifestyle?)

1.Lisa’s Notebook – Cancer care parcel

This post show cases a lovely idea where if you want to get a gift to someone who may have been diagnosed with cancer or is going through treatment but you aren’t sure what to get then you can give the Cancer Care Parcel. Which is a gift box full of items that are useful items for women with any cancer at any stage.

2.Gaia-s Plastic Pollution of terrestrial ecosystems 


Eye opening and slightly scary article about plastic pollution of eco systems. What I particularly like about this article is that they have links to their source information which just makes my inner scientist very happy 🙂

I hope you enjoy checking some or all of these posts out – if you have read anything fun recently feel free to ping me a link on twitter or below!

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