September Roundup

  1. Go on holiday
  2. Set up a Facebook page
  3. Hot Chocolate


I hadn’t been away for more than a long weekend for quite a while. Having a week away was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed long lay ins and lots of meandering around the city.

Milan is a beautiful place, the architecture was amazing. The food was truly delicious and its a great location to stay because you get to see a wonderful city and its also a great place to take day trips from e.g. I took a day trip out to Venice.

Venice is a place that has always been on my bucket list so I was pretty damn excited to visit.  It was beautiful and truly different from anywhere else I’ve ever been.


I have made a facebook page for my blog!
Ms Greens Facebook

I follow several other blogs on facebook and therefore I thought it would be another nice way to promote Ms Greens Notes. Its been another interesting thing to learn about. I have been learning a lot more than I ever thought I would related to social media since starting this blog and I’m sure I will continue to learn much more (hopefully).

hot choc
This is not my photo but oh my gosh what a great idea – blow torch the marshmallows!

The autumnal season means to me the return of hot chocolate. When its cold in the evenings this is my absolute favourite go to drink. I can’t have them every evening because I like to make erm ‘proper’ hot chocolates. Basically I make them with a lot of cream and marshmallows if I can find them. I’m very much an advocate of I’ll have less of something really good rather than a lot of something less good e.g. watery hot chocolate with no marshmallows – low calorie hot chocolate seems like a waste to me.

I’d love to hear what you got up to in September – let me know below 🙂

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