August Roundup

The list for August:

1. Set myself up on Pinterest

2. Visit Brighton

3. Make more time for reading

Copy of Ms Greens Notes

I wanted to sort out pinterest – not only because its a great to look at pretty things (oh my gosh the pretty things). I use it for ideas for writing, character ideas or world building but its also a great blogging tool I really didn’t realise how great a tool until I started looking into it.
I’m pretty new to it still, but I’m enjoying working it out and have already met several lovely people through it.
If you wanna come see what I’m pinning my link is below.

MsGreens Pinterest



I have wanted to visit Brighton for quite a while but had never managed to get organised. I finally decided to make it my mission for the bank holiday.

On the Monday I drove down there with some friends and I kinda fell in love with it. I adore the seaside anyway but Brighton has such a great feel to it.

Its full of quirky art shops, home furnishing items (I almost bought about 6 plant pots) and cute little coffee shops. I even indulged in a trip on the pier playing with the 2p machines. I know its a tiny bit weird saying this after just one visit but if there were any jobs in the area I would definitely consider moving there. Instead for now I’m going to visit more often and try not to buy loads and loads of tiny art pieces.



I know it sounds weird considering my blogging genre,  but with work and socialising and other hobbies I sometimes find it hard to find time for reading.  This month I tried to take some proper time to sit and read.

Its been so nice, not only have I managed to read a couple of good books I also feel like I’ve been taking some time for myself. Tucking myself up with a cup of tea and a good book has been therapeutic – sometimes it feels like taking time out for myself is being lazy when actually its a really sensible self care thing to do.

In the upcoming months I’m going to try and continue taking a little bit more me time.

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below 🙂


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  1. Brighton sounds like Cromer in Norfolk, where I loved for nine years (2000-2009). And I did so because I went there on holiday with my then-husband and he said, ‘let’s go and live there’, and so we did. A really good move – and all our friends and families visited us, so that aspect was fine. I adored living by the sea! Cromer is probably less trendy than Brighton – there are less cute coffee shops, it’s a bit old fashioned and tumbledown, still, but that was why I loved it. So never listen to anyone who says ‘you can’t go and live somewhere just because you liked it when you were on holiday.’!!

    Incidentally, Shipden in Tipping Point, was modelled on Cromer, and my life there. Shipden was its old name, hundreds of years ago.

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    1. Ok, this makes me happy – I suppose it kind of proves that the only person stopping yourself from going somewhere / doing something is yourself. (I may have to look into Brighton a bit more :D). There is just something so lovely about being by the sea, and wow that’s a interesting insight – im off to google Cromer now 🙂


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