July Roundup

The list for July:

  1. Decide name and personality of the female protagonist
  2. Visit Kew Gardens
  3. Learn to use audacity


1. I’ve had an idea in my head for a while regarding a short story. I have a rough plan worked out for flow of the story and what needs to happen where but I’ve not yet got to grips with the  female lead. So I decided to spend sometime getting to know her.

I have now picked a name. I used Pinterest to help me choose a ‘look’ or visual for her which really helped to cement her in my head, and have started to pull together likes, interests, dreams etc.  Its been really enjoyable putting her together and fleshing her out.



2. The last time I visited Kew gardens was on a school trip or it may have been on a trip with my mum but it would have been around the same age so essentially an eternity ago. I read a couple of months ago that they had refurbished the Temperate house.

There is something about giant glasshouses that are simply stunning and I decided that this would be a great time to revisit the gardens.  It ended up being a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine and ice-cream galore.

One of the many things that I love about Kew gardens is their work with seed banks and plant extinction.

It you know a plant lover but do not know what to buy them I highly recommend:

Adopt a Seed

I’ve adopted seeds for friends birthdays etc or just for when I want to feel like I’m giving something back.



3. Audactity!

Audacity is a free audio editor and recording application software.

I have a podcast which is entirely unrelated to writing and therefore I wont be linking it here but learning to use audacity will hopefully increase the quality of the sound that is used in this. At some point in the future (I’ve not entirely planned it out yet) I also want to add an audio section to the monthly book club and therefore working out how to use audacity should mean that the audio of this is at least passable and hopefully enjoyable!

I hope that July has been a good month for you all and would love to know what you’ve been getting up to.

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