Why are you writing?

I recently read a bit of a depressing article (linked below), which gives a sad overview of the amount authors are paid – essentially its not a lot. Its significantly below the recommended minimum wage and only seems to be decreasing.

Publishers pay writers pittance

Now there is a lot of things that could be said about this, but mainly it got me thinking about why people write, especially when there may be no financial motivation driving it.

Anais NinAfter grabbing my cup of tea and clicking through a lot of articles I found that there are a plethora of reasons for why people decide to pick up that pen and start to write (obviously nowadays its usually turn on the pc and type but I always think this is a much less pleasing visual).

The main reoccurring reasons/ themes that kept coming up are below:

People write to highlight an issue / teach people / provoke change. Be this to raise awareness or encourage others to join in with the plight of a group.

Many writers start to give themselves a voice, writing gives them a purpose, road or goal.

Creating something can give you a sense of achievement, putting time into something you love and watching it grow and develop is extremely satisfying.

You get authors who had to write because an idea just wouldn’t let them go. Something was bouncing around in their head, banging to get out and onto paper. Some ideas demand to be shared.

It can be a form of therapy, used to help process thoughts or situations that have occurred and are hard to move on from.

Some people enjoy creating engagement and revel in the discussions that writing and stories can bring about.


ray bradbury (1)

Everyone has their own reasons, their own call to action and all these are excellent I don’t think there is ever a bad reason to write. Whatever the reason that you have for writing, this is what you need to remember and bring forward when you are having a low or unmotivated day.

To visualize and help bring back that passion when you read depressing articles or when all your ideas have left you and the blank page is staring at you.

Why do you write, for any of the reasons listed above or something entirely different?


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