Ms Green’s BookClub

Reading is life! – I try and read as much as possible, fitting it in-between hobbies, socializing and work. Sometimes instead of socializing and hobbies – I try not to read instead of going to work, I have to at least try to be sensible (bills are a great motivator).

My main loves are Sci-fi and crime which are pretty standard. I blame my mum who brought me up watching StarTrek and took me out to spy on the moon with her telescope, since then I’ve never stopped looking at the stars.

I sometimes get a bit stuck in these two genres because I love them so much. Therefore, occasionally I like to delve into something completely different as a palette cleanser and often find myself loving these books the most.

The point here being that I will be posting what I am currently reading along with why I chose it and a my general enjoyment level.

Recommendations are always welcome 😉

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